Jan 082011

There’s a number of areas in our lives where we’re afraid to get started just because we’re afraid to admit we don’t know it already. Maybe it’s because we feel like “should” know it, or because we’re afraid others won’t think we’re smart if we admit to not knowing. We sometimes don’t even want to admit that we don’t know something to ourselves and try to avoid the whole thing all together cause it’s embarressing. Example 1: money. I’m betting there’s lots of people who’re so afraid to admit they don’t know anything about money that they’re seriously hurting their future. Are you one of them?

If I’m afraid to admit I don’t know something because of the potential for embarressment, I tackle that thing in private first, instead of exposing my ignorance to others out in public. I may order a book on the topic from amazon instead of my library or local book store so I don’t have to deal with people. I may Google the topic with “private browsing” mode in browsers like Chrome or Firefox. But I don’t sit back with my embarressment and work slowly to push through it. I don’t jump into doing the scariest, most uncomfortable thing I can think of in that aera, but maybe I’ll start by reading one single site about the topic. And then I build up to bigger and bigger things as I get more comfortable.

Funny thing is: we are get embarressed and it’s just a part of being human, but no one likes to talk about it. It’s one of those things we all share but no one wants to talk about. Be compassionate with yourself. Remember that everyone’s got something they’re embarressed about, and it’s often things you don’t even expect people could even be embarressed by.

Another example: excersize. Maybe this is more for the macho male thing where guys don’t ask for help cause they’re embarressed that asking for help will reveal that we don’t know about something that apparently should be born with innate knowledge about–physical excersize.

Yet another example: cars and other technical stuff. Again, maybe another macho male thing but guys hate having to admit they don’t know something about cars or other technical stuff. As if we’re all supposed to be born knowing this stuff. Why do guys hate asking for directions? Same kind of a thing.

It can be really embarressing to admit you don’t know something which you feel you “should” know for whatever reason. Maybe you’re afraid of being judged as being unworthy or dumb or not manly or whatever by others, or even by yourself. Treat yourself with compassion, and realize you can push through these feelings and that you’ll still be ok after going through, facing and overcoming those uncomfortable feelings. In fact, you’ll become much, much stronger. Remember that you’ll be waiting for yourself on the other side of something embarressing with a compassionate hug.