Apr 052010

I’ve been watching the US health care debate with…bemusement. When I hear the people against some form of public health care caricaturing it as socialism or communism, it really makes me wonder if they’re not paying attention to the world around them. Almost all of the developed countries in the world have a better public health care option or system than the States does. America is not in danger of becoming a nanny state or falling to socialism, it’s in danger of falling behind–well, further behind. America’s health care system seems downright barbarous and primitive to me.

One of the major concerns of Americans in leaving their jobs or getting fired is that they would lose health care coverage. It is one of the major reasons people claim not to start small businesses and America cares about business. Here’s an interesting fact for you: Canada has a higher rate of personal entrepreneurship and small businesses than the States does. It may or may not be linked to having global health care, but it makes me wonder whether America’s economy would get a boost by having people start their own businesses. It would certainly be a good way out of a deep recession, and the increased tax revenue would also be fantastic.

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