Nov 122009

I have a crazy idea. Google Docs homepage doesn’t do anything more than Gmail does. If anything, Google Docs has been constantly playing catch-up with Gmail such as including labels and archiving. So! Let’s combine Gmail and Google Docs’ interface. For basic text editing, allow inline editing for Docs–the tools are already built into Gmail for editing emails. For more complicated text editing or spreadsheets/powerpoint: open a new window/tab, like the way it works now, except everything launches from Gmail.

Pass this link around, digg it, share it, let’s get the word out there to Google that this is something we want…and we just might get it.

Google + Google Docs

  One Response to “Google! Combine Gmail and Google Docs, Please!”

  1. I agree with your idea. It would be great to see the two meshed together. Furthermore, it would be nice if my data limit of gmail was combined with gdocs–I get 1GB for gdocs and 7+for gmail?! What do they think I have going on in my gmail lol

    What’s even a little more odd is that I can’t send a gdoc as an email. It is sent as an attachment. Why not allow it to be sent as an actual email. . . can’t email handle HTML. . . I think it can 😉

    This is one of the annoying things about google apps–they are often not integrated very well.

    Just wanted to support your idea!

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