May 052009

Hello all,

I’ll be changing the direction of this blog a bit going forward. You may see a change in the visual style, too. After figuring out what value is, I’ve come to understand this blog differently. I’ve also realized that trying to fit this blog into any sort of a box isn’t working and makes me feel like I’m working for something other than the love of it. So, I’m going to incorporating more stuff I just want to share this blog, and it will cover a wider range of my interests.

There’ll also be more funny stuff here. For example, my favourite picture in the world right now is below. Why? Cause first someone decided to take a closeup picture of a mustache. Secondly, they decided to make it HUGE (click on pic and then click on the picture for a 2,592 × 1,944 px original). Thirdly, they decided to post it on Wikipedia for the Mustache article. This picture is encyclopedic! So I have a unique sense of humour, shoot me. :p

giant mustache closeup

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