Apr 202009

Old Picture of the Day recently posted about one of his troubled students who applied for a scholarship and against all odds won! But he had a problem: he didn’t have the money to take the prize trip to Washington, buy some clothes and save up for college. So, the readers of Old Picture of the Day poured out their hearts and their wealth to this young man. I’ll let you read what he did with the money. The original post, and the heartwarming follow up.

“I had told you earlier that I had one class of really troubled kids. These kids had trouble at home, trouble at school, and trouble with the law. I taught them how to make WEB sites, and they built a great one (http://www.picture-indian.com/). Many of you visited the site, and they got many hundreds of email congratulating them on their work. This literally changed their lives. They learned that they could be good at something. I am happy to say that half the class is now signed up for college, and I am committed to getting the other half signed up before this school year is out.

“I am so proud of the progress that each of these young people has made. In particular I am proud of Dustin, who came into the class with the most baggage.”

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