Jan 232009

One of my favourite thinkers is Dr. Jordan Peterson. In the following talk, he does an amazing interpretation of the stories in Genesis and how it pertains to what evil is. He makes a clear distinction between tragedy as a requirement of being (refer to first Noble Truth in Buddhism) and evil. An amazing talk, I highly recommend it. So far, I’ve introduced his work to a number of people and they really seem to be engaged in it. It really does change how you perceive the world.

Some interesting bits:

– You cannot understand your capacity for good without understanding your capacity for evil.

– There can be no Being without limitation.

  4 Responses to “What is Evil?”

  1. While it is hard to watch the video because of his mannerisms/voice (very timid/scared sounding), I do find some of what he says to be insightful.

    I especially like his talk of the game he starts with a student. I know some people however who would instantly start playing even before the rules were defined. *smile*

  2. You get used to it and it becomes hypnotic. Else I couldn’t take three courses with him.

    Yep. 🙂 They’ll make up their own rules and create then. Thanks for commenting, hope you keep reading!

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