Dec 082008

This is for my classmates in NEW232 – Buddhism and Psychology taught by Prof. Tony Toneatto. We had a pretty good study group session today. We went over a lot of issues. As promised, the recording is here. It is 250 MB. Please only download this if you are sure you’re going to listen to it, I have a limited amount of bandwidth available at this site. Enjoy!

It’s just under 4 hours long, you can listen to it sped up in Windows Media Player and Quicktime Pro. That way you could get through it as quickly as half the time. Start with going about 40% faster than normal (1.4 times faster than normal) and move up 10% (0.1 times) every five minutes or so. Windows Media Player 9 and above (comes with Windows, or can be downloaded for free) allows you to speed up audio without changing the pitch (so the voices don’t get really high). You can also use Quicktime Pro 7 and above for this feature. Windows Media Player instructions and Quicktime instructions. You can also get a plugin for Winamp to do this called PaceMaker.

I also have almost all the recordings of the lectures. Please contact me, or leave a comment asking for it with a real email address and I’ll email you a link. Also check your email for attached study notes on the exam questions.

Good luck!

The following is a quick guide to some points in the audio that you might be interested in:

0:0 – Mostly chatting and introduction. You can memorize lists easier by chunking them, the chunking of the 8-fold path is discussed.

Around 5:00 – You can memorize things easier by using a linking memory system. I go over how it works.

9:25 – Applying linking to 12 Links of Dependent Coorgination. Discussion of the 12 links. What each of the 12 links means and interact. One follows from the one before, and this is the cycle of lives that include suffering. The cycle ends when craving ends and nirvana is achieved. Right?

46:20 – Review of the list.

51:00 – 4 Noble Truths.

1:00:00 – Review of the 12 links

1:03:40 – Buddha meanings question 5.

1:11:23 – Question 1. Skandas or 5 aggregates. Fat, Furry Pets May Cuddle. Or Fat, Furry Pets Hate Cuddling.

1:26:00 – Second part of Question 1

1:34:50 – Question 2. Process vs substance self. Blended with the first question. Agents Believe Constantly Surface Stuff.

2:00:00 to 2:02:00 – Overview of the answer to Question 2. You can prolly skip most of the previous half hour to get a quick reminder. Process self is the result of the interactions between your”self”, the world and between the five skandas, I think.

2:10:00 – 4 Noble Truths, question 3.

2:18:00 – 3 Marks of Existence, question 9.

2:22:00 – Applying 4 Noble Truths to real life situation, second part of question 3.

2:28:00 – 8-Fold Path, question 4.

2:47:00 – Meanings of Buddha, question 5.

2:52:00 – Second part of the 12 links question, question 5.

I’m outta time now, so I’m not making notes about the rest of the recording. Good luck!

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