Oct 292008

I spend a lot of time thinking. Lately, I’ve been doing less of that. I havd long believed that human beings are irrational but I haven’t spent much time with the irrational. Until now. I’ve been learning to dance lately and have actually looked up dance videos. It’s ineffable in a lot of ways and I don’t have to justify my preference unlikd rationality which requires support, evidence and argumentation. The arts are something that you just do and feel.

Lately, I’m impressed by river and highland dances. Check this out:

I’ve also been getting more into stories in movies and books and even comic form. Humour is something else I am experiencing, and music. Like really listening to music with my eyes closed and not thinking about anything else. It’s like a meditation of its own.

I encourage you to relax and live outside your head for a bit if you have a tendancy to think too much like me. Take a dance class, learn to draw or just listen to complex music. All of these things are uniquely human and create certain experiences within us. As a science-minded person I have had a tendancy to discount personal, subjective experience in favour of an objective, dispassionate observer and this has caused me to miss out on some of the great experiences of being human. After all, no matter how much scientific knowledge we may acquire, we are still locked into our personal experience. So enjoy it! It most likely will improve your quality of life.

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  1. Well wrote!
    Loved reading the post…

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