Oct 062008

1. If you’re in Canada, the telemarketer Do Not Call List goes up today. You can sign your phone numbers up here.

2. My impression of the US election seems to be the Republicans are trying to recapture some of the romance of being from a small town (and saying it’s a good mark for Sarah Palin), and wishing for small town values. When pressed on a definition of what that means, one attendee of the Republican National Convention said that it meant not having to lock your doors at night. That amused me greatly, because here in Toronto (with a population of over 5 million), many people don’t lock their doors at night. In fact, in Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore walks into people’s houses with cameras and asks about whether they lock their doors. Obviously, Moore suggests that they don’t lock their doors cause they don’t have to fear gun violence due to the lower number of guns available in Canada because of stricter laws, and I dunno if I agree with him, though it may be one cause.

3. This is about the $80,000 to charity thing, they’ve reached their goal ten days ahead of schedule. Thank you for sharing your clicks. More details here:


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