Aug 102008

Back in the early nineties, James Cameron (Titanic, The Terminator 1 & 2) attempted unsuccessfully to make a live-action version of Spider-Man. Later, of course, Sam Raimi made the current series of block buster movies.

You can get a look at the original scriptment (a treatment + story boards) here. A fascinating read, Cameron is an excellent story teller and I was gripped by even just this short treatment.

There is also this script, which seems to have changed radically from the scriptment, if they are indeed both by Cameron.

Cameron’s Spider-man is more like the recent The Dark Knight movie. It’s a dark film, where Spider-man’s confused by many things and it really is about him both growing up and growing into his powers and his responsibility. It really seems like he’s facing a villain who is insanely strong and there is a question of whether Spider-man can really beat him till the very end, which the kids call dramatic tension.

I’ve to say, even though I would have loved to see this get made, I’m kind of scared of it.

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