Jul 052008

First the tip!

I spent a ridiculous amount to figure two things out about add-on development in Mozilla Firefox 3.

1. DOM Inspector, that thing that can tell you information about firefox windows such as their id is not a part of Firefox installation anymore, it is an extension now. You can find the DOM Inspector for Firefox 3 here. Also, the link that’s most commonly thrown around for the extension (version 1.8 somin) is wrong. The real link comes up when you search for DOM Inspector at the Mozilla Firefox Add-On database as the first item (but not google, the one in google’s first page is wrong, too).  Only DOM Inspector version 2 and above will work with Firefox 3. DOM Inspector is a crucial tool if you’re writing a firefox extension, and a fun little thing even if you’re not.

2. If you want to add a button to the Firefox interface, in the status bar or in one of the menus, you’ll have to use what’s called a XUL overlay. To write that, you need to know the window ID of the window you want to add your button or whatever to. I have yet to find a list of the various window ids. However, the way to find the window id of a specific window or menu or whatever, is to open up DOM Inspector. Have whatever you want to find the window id of open now. Click on File>Inspect Chrome Document>Your window. The cool thing about DOM Inspector is that you actually use it to change the look of Firefox, ON THE FLY. You can find more information about using it here at the Mozilla Developer Center.


Some updates:

Recently I quit my main part-time gig, partially because I did not want to be one of those people who stays at a place cause they’re too scared, and partially cause I’d outgrown that position. I’ve been casually looking for new gigs, too, so if anyone knows about somin I might be interested in, contact me for a resume or whatever. Anyhoo, now I’ve got plenty of time and plenty of energy (my last job was a big energy drain), so I’m working on projects!

Recently I completed a video, have almost finished a short humourous short (just waiting on the musical intro) and am working on a few other video projects, which I will release when they’re done. I’m also working on a Firefox extension, as well as a wordpress plug-in, and a PHP/MySQL database program which I might open-source later as well, all of which will be released when they’re done and no sooner. I will write up the process of creating a Firefox extension, not to be a tutorial, but more as an Anatomy of a Firefox Extension Development. Wow, that’s a diverse group of things. Awesome! I like my life.


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