Jun 242008

Cal Newport over at Study Hacks posted The Most Important Piece of Career Advice You Probably Never Heard, and I agree. The big question to ask yourself:

Fix the lifestyle you want. Then work backwards from there.

Defining Lifestyle

What do I mean by lifestyle? Roughly speaking: a detailed feel for what your day to day existence would be like. Some questions to consider when imagining an ideal lifestyle:

  • How much control do I have over my schedule?
  • What’s the intensity level of my job?
  • What’s the importance of what I do?
  • What’s the prestige level?
  • What type of work?
  • Where do I live?
  • What’s my social life like?
  • What’s my work life balance?
  • What’s my family like?
  • How do other people think of me?
  • What am I known for?

  2 Responses to “The Most Important Piece of Career Advice You Probably Never Heard”

  1. Ha! that was so helpful, I got really inspired and have way more clarity now 🙂 thanks!

  2. You’re welcome. All credit goes to Cal Newport, of course. He’s quite a genius. Good luck!

    Thanks for commenting!

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