Jun 202008

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately trying to keep perspective and being grateful for what I have. Here’s two ways I do that so that you too may enjoy some gratitude:

1. Remember what are the real bare necessities for survival and recognize what I have above that. We throw the word “need” around a lot in our lives, such as, “I need that purse!” or “I need those pants”. I’ve consciously chosen to say “want” instead of “need” because is reminds me of my choice in the matter. The only things I need for survival are some clothes, food, water and shelter. Everything else is optional and I am grateful for it. That includes having nice, clean clothes, being at a comfortable temperature and food that’s both healthy and delicious for me to eat. This computer, my own space, a job, friends and family around are all something I am grateful for.

2. Remember that I live the lifestyle of the top 12ish% of the world, according to the Global Rich List. If you live beyond your means for whatever reason (in debt, school, living at home, etc), try to put in the cost of the lifestyle you live, rather than your income. My income puts me lower than 12%, but the fact that I’m going to a top university puts me at around 12%. Try it out, you will be surprised.


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