Jun 082008

One of the more interesting lessons I learned in Doctor Jordan Peterson’s Personality and Its Transformations class this year is that things talk to us and they tell us what to do with them. A door compels you to walk through it. A chair compels you to sit. In fact, a chair is probably best defined as something to sit on, just because there are so many different kinds of chairs. A TV compels you to watch it, sometimes without you making the conscious decision to watch it. When something new enters your world and you don’t know how to handle it, you go into exploration mode and its very interesting to see the confusion even from within yourself. In fact, there is a disorder which removes your ability to inhibit actions. So if you see an open door, you walk through it. Your conscious will in the matter is removed.

This became very real to me recently when I realized that when I enter my room I go straight for the computer. Its the most compelling thing I have. I also realized that if I’m sitting in front of a computer, I am compelled to do something. It may be some form of work fidget or just checking my email, even though I may have checked it five minutes ago. That also means I get distracted if I’m on the phone or if someone enters my room.

Dunno why I wrote this, I thought it was interesting and I hope that it might be interesting to others.

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