Apr 292008

I got a five dollar bill in change that had been rolled up and was covered in some sort of white powder. Thinking I had about a 50-50 shot of it being cocaine rather than anthrax, I sniffed at it. Nothing. Might’ve been baby powder.

As some of you may know I was heavy into Getting Things Done and then fell off the wagon about when the school year started. I’ve been at it again recently (and working on a few entries on it, too) and I’ve learned quite a few new things which are making it stick a lot more. Mostly, though, I wanted to report that going from regular, unfocused and unclear mind to the GTD mind-like-water is an amazing transformation. I feel a lot more energetic and motivated, too.

So, if you want more power, focus, energy, intensity and clarity, pick up the GTD book and implement what Allen suggests. It’s really quite worth it.

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