Apr 152008

Howdy. I just updated wordpress to version 2.5. This is one of those updates that if all goes well, you will not notice any changes. Almost.

I made a few behind-the-scenes changes and I’m about to improve accessibility and navigation (cause my site sucks for that right now).

I’m making these changes and I’m going to start marketing this site more after that.

Edit: I’ve added a Related Posts plugin, a Recommended entries section with a Random Post link and an archives page. Here are a few more changes to keep an eye out for:

  • Update the search function. It came with the theme and it r crap. I think it actually searches for phrases and not keywords.
  • More recommended posts on the right there.
  • More changes to the ads, including one or two more adblocks.
  • Email to friends link. Apparently there have been people sharing my posts through email and I’d like to make it easier.
  • A few other random things. Some of these may later be removed. Have I mentioned that I really like WordPress plugins?

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