Apr 102008

What things brings you real joy and excitement?  Add it to the comments and let us know!

I mean real joy, like time disappears and you’re completely engaged, sorta like flow. You’re fully in the moment doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Be specific. If it’s kids, what about kids?

By defining what brings you real joy, you can then start to add more of it to your life. 🙂

For myself, I get real joy from solving mechanical problems and building mechanical things. I get totally energized and start thinking super-clearly. I’m totally wired up and in the moment. Lately, for example, I’ve been thinking about how to build a crane/jib for a camera and how the design would work and I’m really excited about it.

Another thing that brings me great joy is hanging out with someone or people where I’m constantly making them laugh. There is usually another person of my wit-level around and we just sorta play off each other. Super fun and gets me totally in the moment and gives me lots of energy.

Two other things that give me joy is an idea in implementation, whether that’s a technical challenge or a funny post or whatever. I also love the kick of solving a problem. I get really excited and joyful when I solve a problem. For example, I jumped out of bed this morning because I figured out a problem related to this site, my sense of value and making money.

So, what brings you joy and excitement to the point you forget the world exists? Rock-climbing? Or just hanging out with a few good friends?

  3 Responses to “What Brings You Real Joy?”

  1. Sewing. Whenever I tough a sewing machine I leap out of reality. I love to create and learn to do it myself.
    Dancing also works pretty well, as playing basketball or running 🙂

  2. Excellent, Eve! Do more of it!

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