Apr 072008

I’ve thought a bit about this lately. The best definition I have so far is that evil is causing harm for the sake of causing harm and for other purposes.

That is, someone who causes harm and gets enjoyment out of it is still causing harm for the sake of causing harm. However, someone who gets angry and wants to hurt others for the sake of hurting them is also acting in an evil manner.

However, this also means that greed is not evil, because it is not to cause harm, but to profit.

Agree/disagree? What’s your definition of evil? Leave a comment and let us know.

  One Response to “What the hell is Evil?”

  1. What about wanting more than you can rightfully have? If you want something that is not yours and you get it forcefully because of your greed for it, that’s evil. You don’t do it to harm another person but because of your desire to have it.

    The question here becomes what is “right” to have. Can we say that whatever doesn’t harm another person is right to have? How about us using the natural resources inefficiently so that we end up wasting them? Is that evil because there are lots of people who don’t have access to those? Or is it alright because they just don’t have access to it and their lives somehow make up for the lack of those? Even if they are sustaining on very low energy systems.

    Nice, all of a sudden, “eat your food because kids in are suffering” makes more sense.

    Hm, interesting topic. It is worth exploring what evil really is.

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