Apr 042008

I’ve been writing about new discoveries I’ve made about myself lately, so I thought I’d make a post on how I figure things out and why its important.

I believe developing self-awareness is really important because you and I have a large number of subconscious beliefs and patterns which we never consciously chose, but they are affecting us in our day-to-day lives and in our attempts to reach our goals. These unconscious beliefs that incongruent with your goals form resistance that can prevent you from achieving your goals. You see, when something is unconscious, you have no choice about it. But when it has become conscious, you can choose to accept it consciously, or simply accept it as something unchangeable. Some good tips on that here, even if you don’t believe in IM. The other reason I like learning more about myself is because I really enjoy it. I love figuring out how people work and I love figuring out how I work, too. It feels like a problem solved and that feels good.

Here are some ways I learn things about myself. Not all of these will work for you and you might have others, but I do feel it’s important to know:

  • Journaling. I have a journal in Google Docs (so I can access it anywhere with the internet) where I write down things I’ve learned, ideas and so forth.
  • Talking to people. I often talk a lot about myself to try to figure myself out. Bless my friends who put up with it.
  • This blog. For some reason, I have difficulty being really detailed or clear when I’m just journaling by myself and I have to feel like someone is reading it. The process of writing gives me greater clarity, too, as it does other writers, too.
  • Reading books and articles. As I read, I will go by how I feel inside, and sometimes something will really resonate with me. Like my recent post: Got me again! As another example, while reading “Is Becoming Wealthy Inherently Evil?” This sentence stood out: “Are you giving your best value to the world or trying to get a free ride on the value creation of others?” This might explain why I feel bad about writing ebooks about things I know about, but are not my original ideas, like personal finance or academic success. On the other hand, Pavlina has done that, too, so I have to think more about this to reconcile the two ideas. Sometimes rereading the same thing a few months later will cause different things to stick out, so if you have some really good PD material (like Pavlina’s posts), I really recommend browsing around the material and reading what draws you in.
  • Out of the blue or random insights.
  • Intuitive analysis. The name was coined by Acting Like Godot, but I believe we are both referring to a similar process. Essentially, I think about a subject and ask myself questions or tell myself some statements and then wait to see how I feel about it. I will feel an internal harmony when the answer is either “yes” or the statement is true, and a sort of disharmony and feeling of fulfillment if it is not. This might be what Pavlina is talking about in Consulting Your Intuition. This is probably the biggest way I figure things out about myself. I go by this feeling of resonance or harmony quite a bit to let me know what is congruent with the rest of me.

Hope this helps in learning more about yourself. 🙂

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