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Note: I am reposting this so that you have an opportunity to add any short statements that you feel are important in whatever area of life/PD. What are your mottos?

I normally don’t like lists but I think its important to get some of these down to a sentence or two each so you can remember them more easily:

  • You are responsible. If you’re not going to do it in your life, its not going to get done. Take full responsibility. The buck stops with you. You can give up choice but not responsibility.
  • Everything in your life is optional. You have a choice in all cases. Even living is optional because you have to choose to eat. It’s just that a lot of us make unconscious choices or let others make our choices for us.
  • Listening is the foundation of human relationships. Shut up and listen. And that means shutting up your internal chatterbox, too and paying full attention. Empathize and understand.
  • Give what want to get. Give attention and praise if you desire it. Give money if you want to get it.
  • Having clear and specific goals is super important, both for achieving them and for your own happiness. People with goals are happier than those without. Big goals are a lot more fun and interesting than small goals. Stretch yourself.
  • Be decisive and commit to those goals. Just do it.
  • But! The journey is more important than the destination. The change that the journey causes in you is more important actually achieving the goal itself.
  • Most mistakes are not fatal, even big ones. Bankruptcy, divorce, losing your job, dropping out of school, failing a course may seem scary but hundreds of thousands of people recover from those.
  • Anything anyone else with your (mostly physical) abilities can do, you can do.
  • The secret to happiness is that it comes from within. Once you reach a certain level of consciousness, you can be happy without needing external circumstances. You do not need a reason to be happy.
  • There is a gap between stimulus and your response. With practice you can learn to exploit it and choose your emotional response. With time and practice, you can become master of your emotions.
  • Pursuing conscious growth is important, too. Life is going to force you to change anyway, may as well be in control of it.
  • Save 10% (and invest it in index funds) and give away 10%, automatically.
  • No matter if you work for a company, you work for yourself. Are you giving yourself the best you can give?
  • Remember to relax and have fun, too.
  • Make time for introspection.
  • Read. A lot. Everything.
  • Learn to manage your energy. Energy is the basis of everything. Consistent sleep, a health diet high in fruits and vegetables and excersize give you loads of energy.
  • Find things that you are passionate about and do them.
  • Things you don’t like or are resisting are draining your life. Get rid of them or just do them and see how much energy you get.
  • Planning is important. Plans may be worthless, but planning is completely irreplaceable.
  • Learn to Accept life as it is. Resisting what is causes stress and anxiety. Pursue spiritual growth, too, but that doesn’t have to mean religious. Stay in the present moment.
  • Write, keep a journal. People who write about a traumatic event three times for 45 minutes have much better immune systems and better health for months down the road. Work out your feelings on paper whenever something happens.
  • Figure out what’s important in life to you and do it. At your deathbed, what are you going to regret not doing?
  • Maintain a big list of someday/maybe items. They are a great source of ideas and hopes.
  • Sometimes hitting the bottom is the only way you realize that you want to go up.
  • “Pure hell forces action, but anything less can be endured with enough clever rationalization” – Tim Ferriss
  • You’re going to die someday, may as well play this game all out and enjoy the ride!

If you have any other short mottos, please add them to the comments section. Thank you. 🙂

  2 Responses to “PD Mottos – Submit Yours!”

  1. You can never leave it too late to go too far.

  2. Not making a decision is also a decision or choice. Make sure that’s what you want.

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