Mar 202008

William the Conqueror

A Toronto-based indie band named William the Conqueror has already played some of the best venues in Toronto even though they really only hit the scene some 8 months ago. Their music is a wonderful combination of tight composition, technical prowess (they are all formally trained) and expressive lyrics. They’ve made their EP available on their site, here, under Media and at the bottom. They’re awesome, so have a listen and drop them or me a line about how you like them. They have a Facebook group, too, here.

Wanna know how cool they are? They have a violin, classical guitar and harmonica in their songs. That’s how cool. I highly recommend the tracks Around and Radio.

They have just finished recording and mixing their upcoming album, The Science of Who You are which will probably be available late May.

Full disclosure: I am a good friend of a number of people in and associated with the band. But I also really dig their music, so check it out.

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