Feb 062008

Google makes me cry sometimes. I know that the Gmail ads are context dependent and Google figures out who I am and puts in ads specifically for me, but sometimes it just seems like Google is trying to say things to me, like when Google thought I had moobs (man boobs) and need to get rid of them.

Google’s also been giving me dating advice. Google doesn’t think I have a chance with real women, so it keeps recommending I date cougars. Lately, its been suggesting I just buy a woman off the net, like with this ad:

Sweet Moscow Ladywww.Anastasia-International.comYour Beautiful Moscow Lady to Love Marriage minded. Family Oriented


I know for a fact that the above site is not actually Russians, they’re Ukranians passing themselves off as Russians. I mean, really, Google doesn’t think I can handle a real Russian woman?


I dunno, I just get the feeling that Google thinks I have problems. I mean, I try to fix them, but it just hurts, you know? When you love something that much and then it just turns around and tells you to get your moobs looked at.


It just hurts.

  4 Responses to “Google Thinks I Have Moobs”

  1. haha that’s awesome.

  2. I’ve had a few weird ads like that ;p

  3. D’you have the ability to check the search terms people use to find your blog? I find those entertaining. I had a whole slew of people searching using the phrase “How to commit murder without being caught”. I have no idea what I wrote for Google to think I was in any way relevant to that kind of search!

  4. Lol, Are you sure you didn’t write something about committing murder without getting caught? :p

    Yea, my search terms are fairly mundane. There were a few surprises like someone googling my name and I became intensely curious about who it was.

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