Jan 132008

I was reading an article on happiness over at the New York Magazine, and found this:

Homocide Rate 0

OMGZ!!!one!!! CANZ IT? WAT IF IT DON’T?!!! Article link.

I went on to skim the actual article, and its fairly hopeful in tone. However, the tone of the headline suggested to me as a sort of yearning question, a question asked of self doubt and desperation. Something like, “Could we ever cure aids?” or “Is global warming preventable”

The reason why I found that funny (I tend to find incongruencies amusing) was because that is AMAZING. In the history of human kind, less than 500 homocides for a population of over NINETEEN million is RIDICULOUS. Excuse the capitals. Its funny because this amazing thing is just being brushed off as if its not good enough, and that homocide rate 0 is really what’ll be a good state of affairs (it would, of course, just that its awesome now)> I find it funny is because it shows you the forces at work in the news industry. People have often commented on the fear-inducing nature of the media, and you basically need to be hard hitting to gain reader interest. When you ask a question like that, with that tone, its just designed to get eyeballs and pique reader curiosity.

For a greater idea idea of just how amazing this is, have a look at this talk by Steven Pinker called, “A brief history of violence” over at TED.

Have a great day! Life’s damned good and getting better. We may have problems, but there’s a lot of stuff that’s going well, too.

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