Jan 092008

Its been about two and half weeks since I started excersizing on a regular basis. In the past week, I’ve also started to watch what I eat and add more fruits and vegetables to my diet. I feel fantastic.

Its not a complicated thing, getting up and jogging for twenty minutes every day or every other day, but it is hard to do. However, it is not really “hard” because your body can handle it. Your body was selected by evolution as fit enough to roam the planet and to exist. There are two reasons why you might not excersize more often.

  1. It is your mind that is blocking you. You need to learn to stop thinking. Our egos like to make things super complicated, when simple works just as well.
  2. You need to learn some basics of excersize. Many beginning people get intimidated by the other people working out and try to match their pace or schedule. Bad idea. Hopefully you’re working out somewhere you can feel comfortable, but don’t worry, a lot of people feel like that. In general, I’d suggest aerobic excersize for people starting out, such as running and swimming, biking and so on to help burn off the fat and tone the body. Its totally ok to take breaks for a few minutes at a time and just walk around the track (or block). If you can carry on a conversation easily, you aren’t excersizing hard enough, if you’re gasping for air and can’t get a sentence out without difficulty, you’re excersizing too hard. If you can say a sentence or two but its not easy, that sounds just right. The point of something like aerobic excersize while running is not to run as hard as you can, but to run at a good pace for a long period of time, to help build up your cardiovascular system. Start out slowly to warm up your body, reach a good rate of breathing, take a break by walking for a bit, start jogging again, repeat, and then finish up by walking. And that’s about all you need to know for now. The key is not to hurt yourself, because if you hurt yourself, you’re likely to associate excersize with pain, while it can be quite pleasurable. So, take it easy, find your own pace and get started. After a few weeks, when your curiosity is naturally starting to develop, you can learn more about other forms of working out, the basics of stretching so you don’t hurt yourself more, etc. But for now, just get started.
  3. Some basics of energy management are also helpful. 9 times out of 10, you’ll decide to go excersizing based on whether you feel like it or not (even though if you started excersizing, you’d feel better, motivation comes after action, not always before).The Power of Full Engagement Is a good book on the subject. Essentially, energy management is proper diet, proper sleep and so on.

The results? I feel great! I have loads of energy, the amount of sleep I need seems to have gone down, I have lots of mental clarity and I feel happy more. You might have noticed a lot more posts on this blog lately, and that is a direct result of how great I feel. I feel happy and glad a lot more lately, probably due to the additional endorphins and serrotonin. Another thing I’ve noticed is the questions I used to ask (the ego based ones, really) such as questions about originality and whether I really was worth being paid more have disappeared. A lot of these were self-esteem/ego issues in disguise and I hadn’t realized it, but now they don’t even matter. So, the benefits of excersize and better diet:

  • More energy and power
  • Greater happiness
  • Greater self-confidence and lower self-esteem issues. Excersize has also shown to help depression
  • ???
  • Profit!

The problems? The real effects seem to have kicked in about two weeks after I started working out. The external effects (that of looking great) probably won’t be evident until about three months down the road, if John Stone is a rough guide. And that’s fine with me. I want to make excersizing a life-long habit, from this 30-day trial. I realize that I will probably fall off the bandwagon a few times, as I have with sleep (I’ve maintained a regular sleep schedule for just over a year, although its gotten messed up for a few days to a week at a time), so I won’t be too hard on myself.

Sometimes, when some people first gets into PD, they want to avoid some sort of pain, and they believe the answer is by growing. However, they have learned to live their lives pulling back and backing away from bad things, rather than going forward and towards good things, even if they include fear. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the acting in spite of it.


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