Jan 062008

On Dec 22, I decided to excersize daily barring pain or illness. Since then:

  • The same day, I won a fitness DVD from Subway’s Greatest Contest Ever Contest.
  • About three days ago, I also won three months free gym membership (I already have a gym membership, so if anyone would like it, you can have it, its with Extreme Fitness all over Southern Ontario).
  • Recently, Steve Pavlina‘s also been blogging about going on a 30-day trial eating a fairly strict raw food diet. I don’t really plan on eating a raw food diet, but it has been a fascinating read. The man is really, really self-aware. I found a great link called Calorie King.com which lists nutritional data for a whole variety of foods. The awesome thing is that it lists data for South Asian foods, too, which used to be a problem for me when figuring out my diet. 🙂
  • I also set the requirement to eat out to a maximum of about 7 dollars once a week. Partially to save money and partially to protect my diet, although I usually just eat at Subway which is fairly healthy.
  • I’ve also been keeping a food log since yesterday. For two reasons, one is obviously to figure out what sorts of food I eat how much of, and the other is to figure out how much my food costs are in a day, and how much they would be for a balanced meal.
  • I would say I eat less than 15 dollars a day when I eat at home, which is a lot less than I expected. Compared to upto 7 dollars for one meal outside, that makes me rethink buying food from outside. I need a lot of food in a given day, and I’m usually out of the house for most of the day when I do go out, so even though I bring some food, its not enough. I’m going to experiment with more filling options, and taking more food with me. 🙂
  • Holy crap, I just found out that I need almost 3,000 calories to maintain my body weight, according to this Caloric Need Calculator. Recommendation is to cut intake to 2,500 calories a day to lose a pound of food a week.
  • I’m trying to figure out my ideal weight, which is surprisingly more complicated than you might imagine, with a larger range than useful. My current weight is 160, at 6 feet. I think I’ll just set 155 as a goal and see how things go. Perhaps I shall go visit my doctor to find out information about this.

Note: This self-absorbed entry would still appreciate comments. 🙂

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  1. i love to eat asian foods because they are tasty and spicy.*;’

  2. i find asian foods to be a bit spicy compared to italian foods-“

  3. the best asian food that i tasted comes from Thailand;”*

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