Dec 252007

Main Points:

  • You assume other people are like you.
  • Anything another person with your abilities can do, you can, too.

This is an add-on to the Principle of People Equivalence which says, “Other people are like you.”

How often have you been talking to someone and they described something amazing and you said, “Wow, I could never do that.” I believe that the reason you might say that is because you start to assume that other people are like you and thus would do the things that you would do, except they don’t, and that shocks you a little bit.

Another important implication of this is that we tend to project our feelings onto other people, a lot. Steve Pavlina talks about it in a blog post called Understanding Human Relationships. Simple enough concept: If I complain that you don’t keep your room clean, I am projecting my standards of cleanliness onto you and expecting my own behaviour of you. However, I’m usually able to make peace with you not keeping your room clean, as well as with myself.

Here’s yet another add-on: Anything another person with your abilities (and I mean physical abilities, really, the rest only in extreme cases) can do, you can, too.  So, playing in the NBA would be very difficult (though not impossible) if you’re 5’4, however you’re almost an exact copy of someone like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. So, what’s to stop you from having billions of dollars (or however you measure success)? The way you think.

Clearly people who are successful in most fields tend to think differently than people who are not, and thus take different actions and get different results. Ah, but that’s a whole other rabbit hole. Just take a little vacation and enjoy the holidays!

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