Nov 272007

Sometimes I wish that life was a little more like the movies. Know that part after a setback when the protagonist gets despondent and starts to question his/her whole endeavor? And the music gets a little down and stuff, but then another character, maybe their best friend, says some things to them and they get instantly energized and run off to do something, or try something again and it works this time! And the movie ends with everyone happy, or everyone dies, but its a sort of bitter-sweet death.

The thing is, movies are often based on real events, but we just don’t have that sort of consciousness about those events when we’re IN them. When I’m feeling doubtful or despodent, I don’t really think of myself through a camera watching me, with sad, slow music on. But it does make me think, that life is a lot like a movie, just a whole lot less predictable and with a lot less music (and a smaller budget, too, sometimes). If I’m feeling down, I don’t know whether someone really is going to come around to cheer me up and push me to break my own limits. In that way, we are all almost writing our own movies, and we can rewrite what it is within the context of what we want to come next.

So, write your movies!

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  1. Have you ever read the book “Illusions” by Richard Bach?

    This guy’s personal messiah makes a similar comparison. He points out that we watch movies because it is entertaining and we learn something. Different people find different movies entertaining; similarly, people’s lives are tragedy, horrors, adventures, dramas, comedies because they want them that way.

    It explained a lot to me as to how people could live (what seems to me to be) desperate lives and still be choosing their own reality.

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