Nov 172007

There’s three things that many self-help programs try to offer to draw people in, and for good reason, they are hot buttons for many people. Programs say that improving or doing something is simple, easy or fast.  I’ve just not found that to be the case in most situations.

Yes, there are times when when some sort of improvement is simple, easy AND fast and you should remain open to that possibility. However, in most cases, at least one of those three things had to go! Things are sometimes simple and fast, but not at all easy. Other times, they’re none of the three, but the rewards are so good that I’ve pushed towards them.

Making these sort of promises, though, is one of the things I really dislike about the self-help salespeople. The biggest way to disenfranchise customers? Over-promise or under-deliver. Sometimes your promises are so amazingly unbelievable that no one takes them seriously and you just look like a liar. Good things to stay away from.  Under-promise and over-deliver is probably a better motto in most cases.

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