Oct 182007

Two years ago…

I lost two bikes, one on Friday and one on Monday, to theft. Looking back on it, it was a rough time for me, so I’m now considering this proof of IM.

Last Friday…

I decided that I was going to get a new bike, and put out the intention “successfully”, ie. detached from it totally.


I was exiting out of a campus building and looked towards the bike racks and saw one of my bikes locked up. I stopped walking suddenly and became temporarily speechless (something that doesn’t happen much to me–to be sure, it didn’t last long). After a few hectic phone calls, the guy who owned it now showed up and told me he bought it online off craigslist.org. After talking to him, I told him it was my bike and that I’d like it back. Long story short…

Thursday (today)…

After over two years of my bike being stolen, it has come home and is resting in my basement. Welcome back, Luna!

Since seeing my bike on Monday, my belief in IM has gone up quite a bit (not quite absolute yet, but getting there, if this keeps up). Since then I’ve also gotten a new part-time job. It’s not that consistent but it pays a helluva lot better than my current job, and its at the same place. I’ve also experienced a few other bigger synchronicities.

The big lessons? A few actually:

  • Don’t “try”. This is a tough one for many people to grasp cause we try to control and consciously force and will things to happen. Successful IM is not about willpower or force, its about putting out the intention and then detaching from it. Let go and trust. Read the chapter called the Law of Least Effort in Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Secrets of Success for info on this. You can find that chapter online here.
  • With IM, there’s essentially two parts, which are the wanting and the allowing (or expecting, or believing). If you add up the wanting and the believing, they have to reach a certain threshold for manifestation to occur. Say the threshold is 5. The wanting is at 4 (ie, you really, really want it, which is what most teachers of IM teach, such as Abraham Hicks, Steve Pavlina, etc), while the believing is at a 1 (lots of doubt), that adds up to 5 and thus manifestation can occur albiet slowly. So, you essentially have two options: increase the wanting energy (by putting a lot of emotion into it) to make up for the shortfall in the allowing area, or increase your allowing (by reducing your resistance). It seems that wanting is an additive process (so, you add more wanting and emotional energy) while allowing is a subtractive process (you remove resistance and thus create allowing).
  • My preference is for removing resistance and improving allowing. One benefit of this is that it allows me to become a full “Allower” and because this allows me to get things that I don’t really, really want, but would like to have (say, a big screen TV). What are examples of resistance? Fear (subconscious or otherwise), doubt, worry or anxiety of any kind, limiting beliefs, etc.
  • You also allow more when you’re feeling better, which is also why the Hickses recommend this. The Sedona Method, and I believe the Silva Method also prefer this method, which is about removing resistance and improving belief, respectively. Other tools for this include journalling, meditation, practicing non-attachment and–the thing that really did it for me–acceptance.
  • By acceptance, I don’t mean necessarily condoning whatever it is, but just stop resisting it. Accept the bad stuff as well as the good stuff. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is about this sort of thing. Accept what IS, as it IS, without judgement. Accepting my negative emotions and my resistance just sorta causes it to dissolve, allowing manifestation to occur.
  • I made it my monthly focus last month to learn more about IM, so I read a whole bunch of books. This month was supposed to be a focus on financial betterment, but IM was going so well, I continued with it. I’ve been reading Michael Losier’s The Law of Attraction (very easy to understand book, I highly recommend it to someone who’s just coming to this stuff) and the Hickses Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teaching of Abraham, as well as The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Maybe exposing myself to all this different stuff helped, so I’d recommend it. I got all those books out from the libary.

Hope this helps! I have a few kinks to work out (mostly in the limiting beliefs department, I feel weird about intending for any sort of contest prize wins and the concept of money without personal sacrifice is still a problem area, but I’ll work it out), but I really feel like after trying for a while (which, again, trying “hard” doesn’t really work), a dam has opened up, and honestly? I’m scared. I’m scared of my own power. I’m also sorta stuck. If you can have anything…where do you start? I also don’t know the limits of this sort of thing. I still feel like I’ve got about 60% of this thing down, though, which is the heavy half.

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  2. I really liked your post. It was very enlightening. I have not really read much in terms of intention-manifestation and the techniques you offer from your readings and experiences sound worthwhile.
    What intention-manifestation books do you recommend other than the Seven Spiritual Laws?


  3. If you’re totally unfamiliar with Intention-Manifestation model of reality, start here:


    Pavlinas got a lot of other great articles on IM, too, look at the related articles at the end of that one.

    Now things get a bit thorny. Good starter books include:
    The Law of Attraction by Michael Losier (an excellent starter book, IMO, but it appeals to my kind of personality)
    The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes (this one is sorta iffy, but its better than the movie, IMO)
    You could also watch The Secret movie, but take that with a grain of salt–its not very complete.
    The Law of Attraction by Abraham and/or Jerry and Esther Hicks

    More hardcore stuff includes Seven Spiritual Secrets (still not very hardcore) and anything by the Abraham-Hicks (like Ask and It is Given).

    Glad to hear from you. HTH and good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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