Sep 032007

There’s a few ideas I’ve been thinking about lately.

  • Being more playful. Life’s pretty short, compared to, say, the lifetime of a star. And its just not worth it being all tightwad about it. Relax. Play with stuff that you’re pretty sure will fail. Play with stuff that might get you ridiculed or you’re scared to do because of fears of rejection or failure. It’s all just a game.
  • Push in to the spin. Push into the confusion. When you feel like things are changing so fast, you’re starting to lose your footing, speed up the change even more! Be uncertain. Chopra talks about this in the link below from 7 Spiritual Laws of Success.
  • Let go and trust. Sometimes ideas that seem obvious arrive at a time when they have a deeper, more special meaning. Sometimes ideas need to be presented in certain ways that it really rings a bell in you. The idea of letting go and trusting resonates with me as something I am going to get better at. I’m even trusting that I’ll get better at letting go and trusting. It’s a nice loop. 😀

Yar! Life is good folks. Oh so very good. 😀

More info here:
Let Go and Trust
Law of Detachment chapter from 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

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