Sep 202007

I’ve noticed that a lot more women restrict their profiles to friends on Facebook than men do. I shall now do a Freudian analysis of this:

You see, women have to be selective about their mates, while men are just sorta out for whoever. Freud might say (if he was alive today, he’d definitely be on Facebook–everyone is) that men have a need to display their wangs and have them available at all times. Women, on the other hand, tend to protect their vagoos from the wangs, they have to selective. Thus, facebook profiles become like the wangs and vagoos of the interwebs.

Also, I added someone on Facebook, but he didn’t recognize me. His wife then saw my display pic, which looks like this:

Hot or Not Link. Please rate me a ten.

And she got scared and told him to delete me from his friends list. Amusement!

And no, the purpose of this site is not make stupid posts that amuse really only me. However, I shall make those! Cause, goddamnit, its my site and I can do what I wantz. Mostly, I think I just need to relax and allow my personality to come through, for better or for worse.

Sep 162007

Wow, two in one day. Just had another discovery. I’m BORED. Really, really, really, really bored with my life. Things are going well, bu there’s little change. Time to bust that cycle. Gonna take a class, learn something new. Foot massage, or karate or dancing or swimming or SOMETHING.