Aug 042007

I caught this link off of Scott Adams‘ (Dilbert creator) blog: Intercourse and Intelligence at Gene Expression. I generally don’t like to just post links, but this article was just too funny to pass up.

Some amusing bits:

“This would fit Aldus Huxley’s alleged definition of an intellectual as a person who’s found one thing that’s more interesting than sex.”

“Not only do intelligent people have a delayed onset of sexual behavior, Half Sigma found that they also have a lower number of premarital sex partners throughout adulthood (18-39). While this is consistent with the above theory that high IQ people are more religious and conservative, this is, of course, not true. Religiousness correlates with lower IQ, and as HS shows in the same post, intelligent people were also more likely to say that premarital sex was not immoral. (Leaving those who did think it was immoral to participate in the bulk of it!)

So, have a read. 🙂

That’s interesting because of this study (PDF Warning), which I believe is the one referenced in this article (free NY Times registration required or get one here), What’s a Modern Girl to Do?:

“A 2005 report by researchers at four British universities indicated that a high I.Q. hampers a woman’s chance to marry, while it is a plus for men. The prospect for marriage increased by 35 percent for guys for each 16-point increase in I.Q.; for women, there is a 40 percent drop for each 16-point rise.”

I’m assuming there’s a sort of point of diminishing returns above which higher IQ actually hurts guys.

Let’s throw it out to the comments:

If you had to choose between more intelligence and less sex or less intelligence and more sex, which would you choose?

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