Jul 302007

Course selection is very unfun. I don’t like doing it. There’s just so many variables to figure out. Here’s a start:

  • Courses I want to take
  • courses I have to take to graduate by a certain time, but what’s that certain time?
  • Courses I have to take to take other courses and courses I need for my majors
  • Courses that I can’t get into right now but have to wait till august 10 or 16 to try again…but no garuntees that I’ll be able to get in then
  • Making sure my schedule has time for lunch and a quick break in between classes and not just too jam packed
  • Making sure I have enough time to work as well
  • Whether to take four or five courses

I think I will make a tool to help me plan out my year in advance. The tool would have to include a schedule.

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