Jun 132007

Life is very interesting. Today, I managed to find another small gig which is very irregular put pretty good in terms of the work and the compensation. I also have an interview next week for a job with two openings and two candidates, plus I already know people working there. Life is thus good.

I have an assignment due on tuesday, too, which I want to complete tonight so I can show it to the prof tomorrow and get him to give me some pointers on it, so I can have a great mark and accomplish my goal of having my university education paid for by scholarships and the like. However, I’m having trouble getting started. The classic case of resistance. And, I am being cowardly and instead of facing and taking down this internal resistance (I’m pretty good at reducing resistance), I am avoiding it by watching Firefly episodes. There are worse ways to procrastinate. I am glad that I am starting to feel the pinch, though, of tomorrow’s self-enforced deadline. Means I have more discipline now. Before, I woulda just said, "Screw it, I’ll do it later. It’s not due till tuesday anyway."

Another sign that I have changed much, and I am gratefule. And another sign that I have yet ways to go.

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