May 212007

My mind likes challenges and puzzles (I guess that’s why I attract so many of htem into my life). Right now, my biggest puzzle is how to really apply the Law of Attraction in a consistant way. I can create manifestations some of the time, and sometimes I can’t, so I want to become more consistant with it. The thing I have just learned from this site is the idea of how self-esteem applies to intention-manifestation. Higher self-esteem makes you feel like you’re more worthy of good things, and it helps you to trust that they will come. Now, I don’t have low self-esteem by any means, but I can tell that the times that I’ve been able to manifest with ease, my self-esteem was through the roof. So, I’ve ordered another copy of Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (actually a pretty good book) to review the pillars and see how I can apply more of that stuff in my life. I’ve noticed that my self-esteem has taken a bit of a dip in the past few months, but that’s probably because I haven’t been doing much.

Summaries of Six Pillars can be found here:

and here:

May 142007

So today is near the end and I am going to be heading out to sleep soon. A little recap:

The day went pretty well. My new pretty shoes were a little tight and uncomfy but they’ll get better once they get broken in. Pretty shoes.

Class was interesting. Psych 101 is supposed to be one of the more intensive courses (or so the lecturer said, who is quite good), but I think I can handle it cause I have some background in at least some of the topics ot be covered. Should be lots of fun. Film tomorrow, which should be a fairly easy course for me to handle.

The real test that I was anxious about was that of IMing. I was trying to IM a laptop from a contest, but I didn’t win it. I’m just going to have to get better at IMing. This certainly presents new challenges because I have to control my emotions and thoughts to a ridiculous degree. Anxiety actually prevents me from getting what I want. And I feel that this is great practice regardless of whether LoA is true or not. I’ll prolly need to let go of that sort of skepticism some more before I start to see more manifestations. Interesting new challenge, though, I like it.