Apr 212007

To live!

Today is my birthday. You know, in years past, I was very skeptical about celebrating birthdays. I’d ask what the point of "celeberating" an arbitrary date increase was? I was older, but that doesn’t mean anything, I felt.

This year, though, I’ve started to think of things differently. Now, a birthday is a day to reflect on my life since my last birthday and think about the future. I’m also feel that being given gifts for arbitrarily getting older makes little sense to me, and that I should be the one to give others gifts to show my appreciation for their role in my life. This is something I’ll start doing next year. Sorry, folks, not this year. :p

Anyhoo, I woke up this morning with a sense that the future is full of possibility, as it is. I’ve undergone tremendous growth since my last birthday, and while it was tough at times, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And the future promises a lot more growth and improvement. And I am glad for that.

I am also really glad for all the wonderful people in my life, my family and friends and others who allow me to share a part of their lives and help me tremendously. Thank you.

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  1. All the wonderful people in your life are glad they didnt get a gift on your birthday *hmph*. Now, I know you are feeling bad because you disappointed them all. But you dont have to, you can just give me all those gifts :D. You ask why, umm, I wont mind if you called it charity. All I want is giftss!! expensive gifts!!!

    Okie, back to normal. I hope you had fun, you 20-and-a-day-old.

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