Apr 162007

In this blog, I will be writing about personal development. Personal development, most simply, can be described as improving yourself and your life. I’ll be focusing mainly on the area of mental development, but I may write about anything. I could write BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA and you couldn’t do a thing to stop me. I’ll try not to do that too much, though.

One of my major goals is to become a better thinker. This, for me, involves gaining a deeper understanding and more accurate model of the world we live in. One of the main tools I use to become a better thinker are Mental Models. I’ll be writing more about mental models and mental development later.

I want to be extremely clear in my writings, and I want my writing to be fun on some level. That’s because I know that no one wants to read blocks of boring text, and because I’m just a fun, happy go-lucky kinda guy anyway and that just sorta comes through in my writing. While I am writing about mental development, I will try not to come across as an intellectual elite (read: asshole). I have fun with this stuff. I love improving my mind and learning new things and I want to connect with people who share my passion.

So, those are just some thoughts about what I intend with this site. My next entry will focus on why somebody like you might want to get into personal development, if you’re not already, and if you are, then why you might like to improve your mind.

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