Apr 162007

Ahoy all,

I’ve decided to create a new blog (which I will attempt to provide real, actual value in) here: Mind-Manual. There’s a lot of work to be done on it, but I’m liking it so far. Please add it to your news feeds.

That said, I do intend to keep this blog around, which will become more a personal/brain fart blog. I will write about things I don’t feel isn’t qualified to be posted there. I will probably move this blog onto my server though, at the mind-manual location. No ads.

I am enrolling in my courses for this summer. I’m going to be coming up with a plan to more effectively tackle my workload. School was one of my primary reasons for learning Photoreading now. I will keep getting better at it. I have decided to put in the amount of time required to do awesome in school, and my goal is to do awesome. This will be a test of my self-discipline and character! School starts May 14.

Clarity is very important. Clarity of goals, beliefs, values, etc is very empowering and motivating. Alternatively, lack of clarity or confusion or doubt are highly disempowering and demotivating. I learned this first hand recently. I was having some trouble merging the ideas of Intention-Manifestation (that our thoughts become reality) and the concept of hard work. I was questioning whether one needs to work hard if one can simply manifest by thinking. Which, as you can imagine, destroyed my productivity. Anyhoo, I eventually figured out that intentions are simply thoughts and they can manifest many different ways, INCLUDING through hard work. The second piece of the puzzle was my idea of what hard work is like. I knew that IM requires action and persistance, but my definition (or image) of hard work included nose-to-the-grind sorta work. I googled it and found something interesting: Proper use of IM requires action and intense work (or even hard work) but it doesn’t involve struggling. You are taking steps and moving forward, but you’re not struggling. If you are struggling, then there might be some limiting beliefs you have to tackle and take mental action on your own beliefs rather than external, physical action. Anyhoo, once I had this blinding flash of the obvious, I felt a lot more motivation surging through me and felt like working. I’m happy this happened. 🙂

Cheers all,

RT Wolf

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