Apr 112007

Woot! I got first post!

Those of you who much be interested in archiving, here was my placeholder page while I got this blog up and running:

This is the future site (get it? Site–website? HAHAHAHAHA! I’m a comedic genius…I’m so lonely) of Mind Manual. This blog/site will be used to inform its readers about personal development. “Yay, another Steve Pavlina-inspired blog”, you might say. “What makes you so special?”

Well, dear reader, Mind Manual is special because of four reasons:

  • The generic reason: Every new site that is dedicated to personal development increases the possibility of some wayward surfer stumbling on personal development and deciding to pursue it. This reason doesn’t necessarily make this site “special” among other PD sites, but it does create value.
  • To develop a strong understanding of the world, especially humanity. If you have been reading Steve Pavlina‘s site, then you might be aware that his main interest is in understanding the nature of reality and consciousness. Worthy pursuits (and ones I try to learn from with great interest), however I have a strong personal interest in the physical world, and in humanity. I want to know what makes humans tick, from a scientific angle, rather than a spirtual one. And I want to share what I have learned with others. I will talk about many different things related to PD, but my main focus will be on creating a mental understanding of the world we live in.
  • To provide a very practical and hands-on guide to personal development, by utilizing the unique properties of the Intertubes. If that sentence sounded like marketing double-speak to you, do not be scared and run away. I will explain what I mean when Mind Manual is formally launched.
  • To organize the massive amounts of information available on PD into a cohesive, flexible system. I also want to use the best available methods of organizing this material. I also want to be exceedingly clear, and that will become obvious once I start writing.

My purpose with this site is to help people in their pursuit of Personal Development. If you believe in the Levels of Conscious scale, then you could say that my focus will be on the level of Reason. To develop a better understanding of the world, in such a way as to utilize that understanding towards our goals, and actually get into the nitty-gritty of all this.

Now that this page is up here, I have lots of work ahead of me including and in particular order:

  • Finishing my site proper, according to my brilliant vision.
  • Improve my writing skills. I like to think I’m a decent writer, but I believe I have some work left to do before I can write with the clarity I want.
  • Learning to market a site like this. I have little experience in marketing, so this will be a wonderful learning experience.
  • Hammer out my long-term visions and mission statements related to this site.
  • Learn how to monetize a blog like this. One of my goals is to become financially independant, with multiple streams of income. I want this to be one. At the same time, I want to create real value for this blog’s readers, otherwise I will not feel right about making/taking money. I will pull the ads or whatever else I have here if I don’t feel that I am providing enough value for a sustained period of time.
  • Have fun! This is really important. I want to do something I enjoy, otherwise its just a part-time job.

Now then, we’re off to a whizbang start. Hold your breath, Mind Manual is entering the hyperweb and will be here next week.


RT Wolf

I decided to keep it, here.

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  1. I like the feather and brick analogy. If you were in outer space, they would fall at exactly the same speed and acceleration. I’m prompted to think about what each object represents to me. The white feather could remind me of the reassuring presence of angels and the brick could symbolize the doubt or inflexibility that could hold me back. I would like the feather to be my focus, but I would definitely get out of the way of a falling brick (unless made of styrofoam).

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