Mar 062007

I’ve been thinking lately about the "Levels of Personal Development". That is, say the first level of personal development is the improvement of your productivity and self-discipline. Say the second level is emotional mastery and relationship improvement (they go hand-in-hand). Say the third is spiritual development.

This is a rough model, of course, and a lot of stuff up at the spiritual level (such as picking a life purpose) can help with both emotional mastery (by increasing feelings of fulfillment) and productivity (by giving you a strong purpose to do your work and love doing it), however I believe there should remain a focus on the lower levels of PD as well as the upper levels. More balance is what I’m getting at.

The main reason why I’m talking about this is because of the trend at If you go to the Archives and scroll to the bottom, you’ll probably notice that before June 2005, the posts were mostly about the first level of PD. He actually addressed this thing in one of his blog posts (can’t remember which one). Basically said that he likes to blog about a certain area for a little while and then switch over.

You see, when he was writing about those issues, those served as reinforcement to keep the first level of PD in the forefront of my mind. But lately, with the more stuff about the other levels, I’ve started to let slip the first level of PD, so I’m getting back into catching up with that.

If you’re into PD, take this blog as a reminder to keep focussed on the first level as well as the others. 🙂

  2 Responses to “Levels of Personal Development”

  1. Steve Pavlina is creepy 😛
    But you already knew that. lol.
  2. If Life is a Game, These are the Rules

    Special emphasis on Rule 7. Different people have different reactions to Pavlina, as different people have different reactions to everything. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be creeped out by him. Hold the feelings/opinions you want, and just remember that they are your feelings and reactions and that you probably have very good reasons for them. You’ll probably like to figure out what those reasons are.

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