Mar 042007

Lately I’ve been contemplating something that I will refer to as "Dam Removal". It is essentially when I clean up stuff in my life and my mind. So, things like old fears that’re still in my head, or blocks which are getting in the way of me achieving my goals. The reason I call it dam removal is because of the way I think of it, which is this:

Imagine a dam built to block and control a mighty river. However, the dam is just too damn (hahaha) small to block the river completely when the water flow becomes even stronger in the spring (yea, stupid engineers). So the river is not being blocked by the dam anymore. But, the dam is still there and it will impede the flow of the river. And when the river flows less strongly, it will be blocked.

The analogy here is that of my personal energy. I have fears, guilt, past experiences and limiting beliefs, etc which are blocking my energy. Usually, I have lots of energy–enough energy to just go over the fears and limiting beliefs to achieve my goals, however the "dams" are still there and they’re still impeding the flow of my energy. So when my energy level is unusually low, my fears and limiting beliefs can manifest themselves as self-doubt or other such things, and I’m less inclined to take action towards my goals.

This is by no means a necessarily easy task. There’s different kinds of "dams" that are a part of me, all of which require different strategies and tools to deal with effectively, however I’m starting to feel that this is something I want to do to move onto the next stage of my personal development.

Alternatively, you might consider the analogy of a beaver dam. Beavers start with logs, mud and sticks. Over time, many of these small things build up and become stronger and harder, eventually being able to greatly limit the flow of a river.

Enough analogies, you know what I mean.

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