Dec 072006

I’m cheating because this isn’t a real blog entry. I justed wanted to update some information about me.

1. I’ve recently got a shiny new job, which is a bit of an adjustment. It’s part-time work at a datacenter downtown (with some really cool people). So, I’m finding I have less time for stuff.
2. I have a new very short video out. 30 seconds long and you wan watch it here. I think I’ve really grown as a filmmaker, etc. Plus I have gotten lots of help from some really great people (Kevin for shooting this stuff, James for doing the video and Scott for agreeing to do music). I hope to continue to do this kinda thing. It’s loads of fun and I believe there is at least some sort of profit in it. As you know, I don’t intend to do one thing exclusively (like get one job), rather do a lot of little things and I would love trials videos to be one of those things.
3. I’m still working on the long video. I realize it’s pretty late by now, but life intervened.
4. Friends are coming back from Halifax. Namely Samantha and Chris. Super excited to meet them.
5. About my year off. It is continuing. And it is still being amazing. I feel that I’ve learned more practical stuff in the past few months alone than I would have had I been in class. Of course, I’m challenging myself to learn all this stuff and to improve my life. Soon, I will incorporate a regular regimen of working out, fixing up my diet (reading some nutrition books now) and maybe become a biphasic sleeper (4-6 hours at night and then 1 to 2 hour nap).
6. As some of you know, I’m a cohost on the radio show, Beyond the Classroom on CIUT 89.5 FM. You can listen online at I’m debating staying on or not. The people I do it with are great, but I’m just not excited about doing it. I know I could expend the energy to make it more interesting, but I’m wondering whether I want to. I had made up my mind to quit about two weeks ago, but then my resolve failed. I hope to have made a decision on this by next week. In the meanwhile, I will continue the show.
7. I’m planning out what kinda stuff I want to do next year under the "Fun and Adventure" category. I’m planning on bungee jumping, skydiving, hang gliding and a bunch more stuff like that. This is conditional on my financial situation then, but it’s all still lots of fun to think about. I’m also open to any suggestions anyone may have about cool and fun stuff like that. I was recently checking out this site.
8. Life is exciting. Go live it!

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  1. I’m not coming back to Toronto till reading week 🙁

    We’ll have to wait till then to get hammered.

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