Nov 142006

I realized that I haven’t done a photoreading update in a while, so here’s another one.

I’ve photoread two more books lately. I’ve also spent some time reading the Photoreading forum over at Learning Strategies’ website. I’ve come to understand a few things:

1. Generally speaking, self-help and personal development materials are marketted terribly. They’re generally marketted to the lowest common denominator, likely because it’s easier to get them to buy stuff because purchasing decisions are often emotional/ego ones.

2. Nowhere in the photoreading system does it give a timeline for how good you should be. They often give examples of what people have done and so forth, but they don’t tell you that you only get there with practice and that at the beginning, you should be expecting to cut the amount of time you spend reading a book by 1/3 with comprable comprehension.

3. I’ve learned that photoreading system isn’t complete bollocks and it isn’t as new agey and crazy as one might think. Again, it’s the matter of marketting and writing. The actual "photographing the pages for the beneift of your subconscious mind" really does two things, one it helps you to find places where useful/interesting information is in the book, and second, it helps you understand the material better. you don’t just sit down, photoread the book in five minutes and you’re done. There’s the step of activating which is as crucial to photoreading as the actual photoreading step.

4. I’m going to continue using and pursuing photoreading because I do believe it works. I’ll make another update once I feel like I’ve made more progress. So far, I have indeed cut down my reading time for the same level of comprehension by quite a bit. I’ll try to get some numbers on how much I’ve cut it down by sometime soon.


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  1. An inspirational quote for your endevours, Ammar :

    The worst readers are those who behave like plundering troops: they
    take away a few things they can use, dirty and confound the remainder,
    and revile the whole.
    — Friedrich Nietzsche

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