Nov 052006

Yesterday Kevin Packer and I filmed the first episode of TrialsTV. TrialsTV is a little series I wanna start up or trials-related stuff but not actually riding (mainly). So, like interviews, debates, reviews, whatever.

This first one was an interview with an AWESOME rider (I won’t say who yet, it’s a surprise) who came all the way down to Toronto just for this interview/riding session. Unfortunately, we made him wait for like an hour while we set things up. Very unprofessional, but this wasn’t a professional shoot and he was really kind in being great despite it. Kevin was amazing as the setup guy and cameraman and Director of Photography and Line Spotter and everything else that he did. Obviously, in the future, it’ll be easier and faster for us to get ready and so forth (especially if I can get my crap together and help him with it). We also used this ghetto dolly that someone made for the Film Board (it’s just a piece of wood with four wheels and can’t actually turn). Thu dropped by to do makeup and it was great, cause of that, we were able to get rid of shininess both on the rider’s face and mine, so it all looked great.

Anyhoo, so the interview portion started about an hour and half late and we got some really good audio/video there. We were able to use all three Panasonic DVX100s to get a very nice 3-camera setup, it was brilliant. Kevin was awesome in making sure all the equipment worked and so forth. The interview itself went great, we’re gonna have to find just the perfect questions to include in the final.

Cause the interview ended like two hours behind schedule, we had to get outside to shoot some riding portions (to be inserted in between questions and so forth). Again, we had to spend some time getting setup at each location and hte rider was just awesome about that, too. We were rockin two DVX’s, one on the monopod, and one on the tripod/dolly and got some brilliant footage.

We got some GORGEOUS shots. Like this one around these fountains at night.

I’ve gotta go now, but maybe I’ll add some more info about the whole day when I release the video (expected to be in about two weeks).


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