Nov 022006

I just found and watched the Halo 3 trailer from a few months ago. Look AWESOME. "This is the way the world ends"

Still, it got me thinkin’, Halo is perhaps meant as an allegory or warning for our times. A race of super-religious psychotics that wanna destroy the world? A massive religious war? Wonderful! Aliens? The Covenant Prophets look suspiciously like they’re wearing turbans.

Ah wells. Still a fun as hell to play game with an interesting story line (evening Halo 2 had no frikkin ending).


As some of you may know, I’m trying to quit swearing. I’ve been trying for the past three or four days. Everytime I swear, I mark it on a card, it’s not going too well. I’ve been awake for an hour and half and I’ve already sworn twice.

An unforeseen side effect of trying to quit has arisen, though. My brain seems to channel my old swearing energy to making racially insensitive remarks. I’ve also made remarks that feminists would cringe at. I’ve also made allusions to animal and child cruelty. I’m seriously considering just going back to swearing.

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