Oct 112006

and so cute.

I have a two year old cousin that’s in today. Kids are just crazy. He finds amusement in the tiniest things. Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like through the fresh eyes of a child. I occasionally try to do nonsensical and silly things just to have a little kid-like fun.

Kids are like little retarded monkies. This one sings really, really loudly when his diaper’s getting changed. Weird little kid he is. He got excited to see this little yellow star plush toy. He loves this lavalamp we’ve got and just stares at it. He’ll just spin for fun.

Find a child and play with it. They’re an amazing way to relieve stress and a great way for us to find our own children. Do something silly or nonsensical and try to capture some of the wonder of a child’s eyes.

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