Oct 102006

Some of you have already heard me talk about Photoreading. For the sake of those who haven’t–it’s basically a system for "reading" in a way tha you absorb the material and information by taking mental pictures of the pages with your mind and then accessing those pictures. It sounds very pseudo-sciencey and so forth, but I’m always willing to try something and decide for myself. For that reason (and because of the promises), I decided to buy the system, but then I had the idea of downloading it. I got lucky enough to find it online. I may buy it, too. More info here:




I trust Pavlina, which is why I decided to trust his word on this system.

So, I just started listening to it and went through a short excersize where I photoread (essentially flipped pages) a few pages of the dictionary. Then I "activated" those images and thought of a word that was among those I photoread. I chose "belly" (for whatever reason) and imagined the image of the dictionary with its pages and columns and imagined where the word was on the page. I imagined it being at the bottom right of the bottom right page. Then, I opened up the dictionary and found the page and it was THERE. It was EXACTLY where I imagined it would be.

For a quick dive into the system, this is a ridiculously good result and gives me hope for the rest of the program. I’ll come back with a full review (with testing) later, but for now, I’m very happy with this so far.

So, if anyone wants the thing (it’s three pdfs and about 16 hours of audio mp3s), lemme know and I’ll send it over.

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  1. I am one of those people who have heard you talk about photoreading.  I deem it witchcraft.

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