Oct 102006

Ahoy all.

I know I haven’t blogged lately last blog was almost exactly a month ago, but the last proper blog was almost a month and half ago. I’ve mostly been busy and so forth. I wish I could say that I spent the time working only on things enriched me but, the truth is, I spent quite a bit of time dwadling.

I did get to do a lot of reading, though. I’ve got 14 books out from the libary right now, of which I’ve read three and almost read three more. I’m going to the libary today to pick up some more and return some books.

I also got to see Samantha this weekend, which was very nice. She’s doing better now and that’s great to hear/see. I also had a new friend bump up to the level of courage last thursday. I’m hoping to help her stay at that level and go higher. We’ll see.

I’ve been thinking of starting a business on campus around fixing computer on-site. I also wanna call this guy I met last week to talk about life and stuff. I’ve been spending some time with Mike lately. We’ve both got a strong interest in growth and understanding our world now, so we’re finding a lot to talk about. I feel like most of my relationships with people have gotten deeper over the past little while. There’s only a finite amount of time, so I can choose to grow in a few directions at a time. Lately, I’ve been sacrificing work growth for social and knowledge growth. I’ll be recentering myself around my main goals soon.

In the filmmaking sector, I’ve got great news. Kevin and I were filmming our first trials video this weekend. It’s a tutorial video about trackstanding, and it will be awesome. We had a fun time, but didn’t get to finish all of it. We’re gonna have to find some time somehow to film the rest and soon, cause I’d like to get this time before winter (although a spring launch may have made more sense, but whatever). I also got an interview on the 28th with James Barton who is one of the finest riders in North America. It’ll be a video interview and it will be baller. In some ways, making progress here is awesome enough to compensate for the lack of growth in other sectors.

I’ll start blogging again (500 word blog per week) from now on in. I’m also hoping to continue the trend of putting up creative work, but first I’d like to blog about two discoveries I made.

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