Aug 282006

The strange and elusive trials rider–or "trialser"–is a creature that is rarely seen due to its low population numbers. The average trialser is in reality composed of two symbiotic parts: A garden variety human being (although engineers have been known to be highly suspectible to becoming trialsers) and a bicycle. The bicycle half been through rapid evolution to ensure that it makes the trialser’s moves as easy as possible. While the original bicycles or (trials bikes) were closer to cross-country bikes; today’s more evolved form has shed its seat, become lower and longer and made other changes that are specific to trials bikes.

Trialsers are in large concentration in Europe as that was the birthplace of Trials. Since then, trialsers have migrated to different parts of the planet, including North America and Eastern Asia, gaining popularity slowly but surely. Each year, new people try to become trialsers but many are waylaid by the difficulty of the early stages. Those that are able to persevere and become true trialsers, are part of a select and respected group.

Many of the trialsers features often cause them to be confused with either BMXers or freeriders. However, there are many important differences between the three species. The most important and obvious being that trialsers have no seat.

Author’s Note: Yea, I dunno what I was thinking either. the idea seemed good but the execution isn’t coming out right. The idea was to describe trials and trialsers in the style of an encyclopedia entry of old.

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