Jun 012006

I finished my second trials video today and spent most of my day uploading it. It’s not huge, but it is sizable at 84.36 megs and 7 minutes. You can get it here.

You can also watch it on Google Video here.

Why do I feel like I filmmed an episode of The Office?

You can watch TT1 here:

I really enjoyed making this video. I’ve tried to apply principles of filmmaking that I learned throughout the past year, as well as what I’ve seen in other videos. I had a lot of fun filmming and editing and especially just hanging out with a great bunch of riders. While I think this video has some polish, my subpar filmming ability (I tend to cut people’s heads off because I try to keep the bike in the center of the frame) compensates for it. I still have enough footage for two more videos (one of James B and one of the game of oneupmanship that was going on there) and I will probably make those into videos as well.

I’d love to film more and experiment more with what looks and feels good and what doesn’t. I would love it if I could spend a day with one rider and we both work together to make a kickass video. In this case I was mostly an observer and just trying to guess what the rider was going to do next. That works fine for most riders but someone like Carsinn who has a natural sense of playfulness around him is difficult to follow. So, the rider would let me know what he was planning on doing and then I’d setup to film it but good. We could throw ideas around to see what comes out well and just go nuts. The video would be part big moves (at the beginning and end) and then part-natural and urban in the middle with longer lines. I would also love to do different takes from different angles and then stitch them together to look like I had more than one camera.

I found out what it takes to be a great trials rider. You can see it when you look at James B when he was matching Trevor B move for move. Trevor’s been riding somin like 8-9 years now and James has been on a bike for about 3. James has a sort of quietness about him, he seems like the sorta guy who just gets things done. He commits fully, even when the line is sketchy. He has a very sorta, "if I reach too high, let the world smack me down. Until then I don’t care" attitude and it’s totally awesome. He’s focused and pretty modest. He also wants to take this pro, so it’s awesome to see that in a trials rider. I daresay, he could do it, too. Determinted, commited and not afraid to fail or fall or hurt himself is how I’d describe him. His lil bro is like that, too. He’s been riding a year and he was pullin shit I couldn’t pull. Keep an eye out for him on the winner’s podium a few years down the road.

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